The Ever Changing Landscape of Influence

Lately, I've been listening to a lot of music that is new to me. I am purposely trying not to revert to only my old stand bys when I put tunes on while working. For instance, I have my Bandcamp…

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A Reminder To Appreciate Nature

In my most recent newsletter, I mentioned that I've been learning to manage my depression over the last couple of years and how that has stifled my creative output. I received a beautiful and heartfelt email from my friend Brian…

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Reflection and Redirection

The last couple of months have been ones of contemplation. Wondering about a lot of things; how am I doing mentally, where is my art taking me, what do I even believe in and what message do I want to…

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Suburban Rebel

This is my Pandemic Project. I can’t say it is a pandemic album because several of these songs are older than that and none of them are about the pandemic itself. When the world turned upside down and everything shut…

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Creepy White Van

This song is just for fun. It’s based on a real character. I was on tour with Pale Blue Dot crossing Mississippi from New Orleans to somewhere in Florida and we stopped at a truck stop for the necessaries. There…

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Tapestry is a song I’ve hoped for many years would happen. The original idea has been kicking around quite some time and it has been a continuous work in progress. Writing, re-writing, editing, more editing. Changing the chord and song…

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Bones is the third song of this collection that went through a major transformation. The difference being I did not make changes to the song. Instead, the world, the environment in which the song exists changed in ways that gave…

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Not Jesus

Not Jesus has a tale to tell 

He wants you to listen well 

Lessons earned from generations come before him 

Not Jesus, like Back From The War, is a song that was one thing, then became another. The original concept…

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Back From The War

All songs go through transformations. From conception to final product there is a string of changes, edits, choices and decisions. Even in moments of inspiration when an artist says a song comes out “fully formed” they often mean the lyrics…

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Mrs. Never Speaks

Grandmother’s gondola swing 

Lilly white, deepest green 

My maternal grandparents had a home in Villa Park, Illinois, a near-west suburb of Chicago. It was a nice place with a big to a kid backyard, the highlight of which was the…

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